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Adinkra Symbols Pin-back Buttons (Set of 5)

Adinkra Symbols Pin-back Buttons (Set of 5)

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Our high-quality pins are lightweight, sturdy, and have a beautiful glossy finish. The scratch and UV-resistant coating will protect your pins from fading and other types of damage so they can last for years to come. They are easy to put on, make for a great way to show the world you mean business!
  • Made of tinplate
  • Scratch and UV-resistant mylar coating
  • Glossy finish
  • Size: 1.25" and 2.25"
  • They come in a set of 5
  • Easy to put on


  • Yellow: Gye Nyame- "Except for God"; a symbol expressing the omnipotence of God
  • Orange: Sankofa- "Go back and get it"; a symbol of wisdom of learning from the past to build for the future
  • Blue: Asase Ye Duru- "The earth has weight"; a symbol of providence and divinity of Mother Earth
  • Green: Dwennimmen- "Ram's horns"; a symbol of strength, humility, wisdom, and learning
  • Red: Denkyem- "Crocodile"; a symbol of adaptability and cleverness

*All pins are handmade, therefore placement of images may vary

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